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Training camps

Former Professional and Olympian

In need of structure in your training? Let me not only coach you but guide and assist to achieve your goals.

Providing training programs for Road and MTB disciplines catering for all levels and all ages, using the Training Peaks platform and WKO5 software. 

"The recipe to become the best is through patience and consistency"

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                                             Category 3 – The Basics


For the competitive club or junior athlete with a personalized training program which is tailored to their specific training status, time constraints and goals. 


This program is prescriptive and is based on specific performance goals and events. The program is updated on a monthly basis and monthly feedback with the coach consisting of email, telephonic or direct face to face feedback. The next installment of the training program will incorporate changes based on the athlete’s feedback. 

                                   Category 2 – Getting competitive


Builds on the effectiveness of category 3 by incorporating weekly monitoring and feedback from the rider. In addition, RPE based, TSS or power files are used to create a Performance Chart to track predicted training status (fitness) and fatigue.

This allows training load to be altered in response to changes in recovery rate or other factors (such as work and social commitments), which may interfere with training and recovery.


Interaction with the coach is weekly by email and telephonic interaction and the training program updated (if required) weekly. Limited analysis of data can be discussed with the coach to track performance during key sessions. 


                                  Category 1 – The champion


This is a continuation of the current fully interactive performance management plan. Training is prescribed as in category 2 but with the following additional features:


All data are incorporated into Trainingpeaks WKO+ software, which will provide graphical representations of training load, improvements in performance and fatigue assessment via the monitoring of the total stress balance (TSB)


Training files and racing files are analysed weekly to assess progression and performance. 

The training program is updated in response to analysis and the continually updated rider analysis chart will provide objective feedback on improvements on performance and training status. 

For further information in regarding the tailored coaching packages, pricing and coach availability kindly get in touch

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